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Lin Yu Chun – Taiwanese Susan Boyle Hits YouTube

Lin Yu ChunAfter nearly 7-years of living in the shadow of William Hung, Taiwanese YouTube sensation Lin Yu Chun may finally put a mild dent in people’s impressions when “Asian Person” and “American Idol” comes to mind. Well maybe not. But like how Susan Boyle took the UK and Internet by storm last year, Lin Yu Chun is doing the same in Asia. His YouTube video(s) has amassed over 7 million views already and if you haven’t watched it yet, scroll down and check it out!

Like Susan Boyle, Lin Yu Chun possesses a voice and charisma while on stage that people would be surprised to find when first looking upon Lin. When i go back and think about why that is, it’s certainly testament to what the Music industry as a whole has done to our perception of talent – that beauty precedes talent. Since when did having to look like Beyonce or Ginuwine (Yeah, I’m a little old) become a requirement for having a great singing voice?

It certainly didn’t stop Lin Yu Chun – and as non-traditional YouTube talent reaches us, I’m excited to see where this may lead the music industry as a whole. Now really think about it, the huge music labels – Sony, Universal, etc… – are no longer the gatekeepers in determining your musical career purely because you aren’t “marketable” or “look the part”. Instead, YouTube and Social Sharing Site allow for us, the masses, to freely share content we discover based purely on democratic principles that will let talent prevail. That is – if you’re good, and the people think so too, we’ll be blowing up Facebook status updates and Tweets everywhere to let the world know.

Being able to share and promote yourself online without the backing of a major label has certainly provided an excellent for talented artists and musicians who don’t meet the Music industry’s standard for who will make it or not. Think I’m talking out of my ass? Check out the following music stars that’s never even touched a label to take them where they are now:

  • Drake Canadian actor and rapper has made mixtapes on the side for years before being discovered by Lil’ Wayne. Drake even had a Grammy nomination for Best I Ever Had before releasing an official label backed album.
  • Owl City – An electronic-emo-pop music incarnation created by Adam young with nothing but a keyboard in his basement led to millions of hits on his MySpace page before leading to an actual record deal.

Now for Asian American’s, a group that’s traditionally been left out of American Media – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the like now present a barless entrance into the mainstream. Thanks Lin.

Lin Yu Chun Sings Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”

12 Comments on "Lin Yu Chun – Taiwanese Susan Boyle Hits YouTube"

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  4. Jim says:

    I find it refreshing that Lin Yu Chun doesn’t look like every other skinny, spikey-haired singer– he has his own look that is cute and unassuming– if you want skinny and spikey hair– you’ve got a boatload of Taiwan singers tha ALL LOOK ALIKE. If you want an original look to go with an original voice– you’ve got Lin Yu Chun. I think the guy rocks!

  5. SteviE Nash says:

    YouTube has cut out the middle man. No more hassle with agents.

    Youtube has also allowed for folks like Lin Yu Chun to get some much deserved exposure to the music world.

    But to be honest, I had a hard time figuring out if he was a boy or a girl…. my bad.

  6. Will (author) says:

    @Adia – It’s sad that Hung’s first album sold 40,000 copies. But yeah, that’s mainly because it was a gag album. I hope this guy does well though.

    @Earnestine – Yeah ultimately you still need the label to sell records. But at least they don’t have all the power of saying whether you’ll do well or not thanks to YouTube, FB, Twitter, etc…

  7. Adìa says:

    William Hung did a CD of cover songs. Since he went to Berkeley his CD sold well at Tower Records. (That might be as old as a reference at Ginuwine!) He’s covers should be more like the Susan Boyle route cuz William hug was like a gag CD you couldn’t take seriously. Unfortunately I think that along with Susan Boyle, Lin Yu Chun will not see a lot of success because of his looks. But it’s easy to change your looks versus getting real talent. Kelly Clarkson did well when she lost some weight and sang some pop songs but she gained a little and went rock and her CD wasn’t as successfull. I can see him selling well in America if he gets a make over and sings poppy-or slightly religious/positive songs

  8. Earnestine says:

    I still think he needs a record company to put out his music. An EP of covers songs would do well.

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