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Fight On San Francisco MUNI Bus | Latest Viral YouTube Video

Well first things first, apologies for the lack of updates.

But let us get things brewing again with some viral video and what many have claimed to be racial tension on the much beloved San Francisco MUNI. The following video literally just hit YouTube, and from it, you get a front row shot to some good ol’ ¬†fisticuffs between two riders.

Now, my Cantonese isn’t strong enough to decipher everything the Asian lady was shouting in her heavy Chinese dialect that’s close to Cantonese (Probably Taishan) . But here’s what I could pick up:

  • The MUNI is a line that goes through San Francisco Chinatown, ergo the bus full of Asians
  • Either the Asian lady was taking up two seats with her groceries or the Black lady was taking up two seats with her purse [EDIT: Open to both possibilities. A number of commenters have translated and say the Asian lady is claiming the former; the video doesn’t capture anything prior to the argument]
  • Then, either the Asian lady moved the Black lady’s purse to sit down or vice versa with the groceries
  • From there, all hell breaks loose

From where the video starts, it looks like the black woman started the argument. There’s not enough video for us to really know who and how it started, but one thing I must say, the Asian lady’s broad vocabulary that is exclusives to the phrases “Fuck you” and “You are stupid” clearly escalated the conflict.

Was this fight initiated due to some sort of Bay-Area-Black-Asian racial tension?

Probably not.

[Edit: Took my personal opinion, that were biased against the Asian lady, out. It’s been brewing some very ignorant comments from other Asian-Americans reading this blog.]

Hilariously entertaining video, but nothing racial behind it for me to dissect here on Chinese or Japanese?

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