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Why Asians Are Good At Math, Finally, A Legit Theory

Asians And Math

Whether you admit it or not, being raised in America, we all know the racial stereotypes that have traversed through our colorful history. For Asian Americans, we are all good at math right? It’s a stereotype, but a good stereotype right? Despite my frequent ramblings, political correctness concerns me little. Instead, I am interested in […]

Murder Stuns Virginia Tech Two-Years After Cho Shootings

On January 21, two years after Seung-Hui Cho’s Virginia Tech shooting rampage left 32 dead and more injured, the agriculture-focused school suffered yet another gruesome incident. This time, when police first responders arrived at an off-campus student housing diner, police found doctoral candidate Haiyang Zhu, a Chinese national, holding a kitchen knife in one hand […]