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Korean Guy Sings Touch My Body, Here We Go Again

Like any Communist country, capitalist innovations tend to have a 30-year delay before reaching the reds. The last time I visited China in 2000, Michael Jackson and Boys II Men were still the premier American pop stars. Inn reality, China today is as capitalist as anyone and North Korea’s not exactly following the guidance of […]

Kanye West & The Teriyaki Boyz – A Bit Of J-Hip Hop

Socrates knew that he was the wisest man alive. Why? For he knew one thing, that he knew nothing. I’m not so bold as to make such a statement, but I will say one thing, and that is I know NOTHING about Asian pop, hip hop, and pretty much any contemporary music from the far […]

Happy Lunar New Years

Last night, besides listening to Oakland’s typical street noise creep through my window – The usual scraper drudging down the street, the AC transit, or the occasional gun shot – I instead heard the lovely crackling of firecrackers. It took me a minute, but I soon realized the clock struck 12 and the lunar new […]

Asian American Guys Still Left Out Of TV And Media

Asian American Real World

Right after Tuesday’s historic inauguration, I crossed one item off my list of things I never expected to see in my life. As our 44th US President Barack Obama took office, hope began to muster behind the possibility of a racially harmonious America. Sadly, as an Asian American guy, I crossed “black president” off my […]

Chinese People Are Black In South Africa

Just a completely random picture I found

  For the most part, and we all know this, Chinese people are crazy. Chinese patrons will negotiate and bargain over a 50 cent sticker. Chinese families will go to the ends of the Earth to set up a dollar store. Heck, if the Army ever managed to find Bin Laden, I’m sure a Wang’s […]

Jeremy Lin Asian American Student Athlete Leads Harvard To A Major Upset Over (17) Boston College

Jeremy Lin Drives For The Basket

If my Asian NFL Football Players post wasn’t enough to convince you that race accounts for little to no reason for the minuscule number of Asian American Athletes, Jeremy Lin serves as yet another example against our stereotype to be physically inept for sports. The Harvard Crimson, a team that hardly offers athletic scholarships except […]